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My top habits for success : Jackson, Michigan Photographer : Michigan Photographer : Portrait Studio

Today's blog I thought I'd share my top habits for success. The word success means the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals. Success can be interpreted in many different ways to many different people. I believe that success is not something that is attained and then it's over. Success is something to continually strive repeatedly to attain.

Not everyone readily chases being successful. Some people are content with the status quo.

For me, to be a success means reaching my goals victoriously. Knowing that to reach those goals I have given all that I have got to be the best that I can be.

To be the best & to be successful one must consistently form habits that help to ensure that what it is you are wanting to achieve can be achieved. Without habits one can go through life spontaneously without direction.

So, here are my top habits for success:

No matter we you go always look your best | Especially when you are in business or are your own boss, you are the face, the brand, for how others perceive your business. This is why it is vital to dress for success. No matter what and no matter where you are going it's important to project a polished look that represents how you want others to see you and your business. Failure to do so can place a less than favorable impression on others and might prevent a prospective client from wanting to do business with you.

Always be a learner | Never stop learning and be willing to be taught from those who know more than you! Continuing education, reading new books pertaining to your industry or just about knowledge about a new subject you would like to know more about, trade shows within your industry and seminars. No matter what avenue of learning, never believe you can't learn something new. The willingness to learn from others can allow you to reach your own personal success. Never go about believing that you have nothing to learn. Use every experience in life to grow and expand your knowledge.

Go above and beyond | In today's society it's easy to find those who want to give just as little as they need to. It's rare to find those who want to go above and beyond. Going above and beyond normally requires more work but ensures that you can feel confident that you have given your absolute best. No matter what you are doing aim to go above and beyond in your effort. This will not only allow you stand out from your competition but will give you the assurance that you have performed with outstanding efforts.

Put yourself first & take care of your body | Get to bed at a decent hour to ensure you are getting optimal sleep, set time each day with exercising in some way, choose foods that have a maximum nutritional content to fuel your body.

Be kind and helpful to everyone you meet | Our world can be a small place where everyone knows someone who knows somebody else, therefore you never know when you might meet someone new who they might know a mutual friend and how they might help you down the road. By being kind and helpful towards everyone you meet you not only are virtuously showing decency and goodwill toward humanity but you are making a positive impression among others about your character.

Visualization, Goals & Lists | If you can't visualize where you are headed, you don't have any goals and you don't write down those things that you need to accomplish you will end up coasting through life with no intention. By visualizing what you want to become, having set goals for how to achieve the things you visualize and writing down what you want to accomplish you will have a guided direction for your life that is reachable.

Success is an ongoing journey to achieving new goals and reaching new heights in all areas of your life. When you instill habits that you form, these habits can help you to see new levels of success within your life. As a portrait photographer, I am always looking for ways that I can improve myself, as well as, my business. I never settle for second best. I am always seeking to conquer each goal in life exceptionally! If you can form good habits that you consistently follow, you too will find success in all the things that you attempt to do!



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