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Why is wall art so important? Portrait Photographer, Jackson Michigan Photographer

You might believe that in this day and age of digital technology that physical print products are extinct. But you would be wrong to believe that photography that is displayed within the home is obsolete and no longer existent. In fact, not only are wall art, portrait photography that is displayed on the wall in one's home, still as relevant as it ever was. A wall art piece is remains the most tangible way to showcase the one's you love in a physical way. There is something amazing about a photograph, a canvas or other wall art medium that brings the individual(s) displayed in the image into existence forever. Have you ever held or viewed a photograph of your great grandparents and felt a connection to that photograph? A photograph displayed within your home honors the people in your life that are important to you.

Today I am going to highlight a few reasons why wall art is so important and why you should consider displaying wall art within your own home.

Self-esteem: Did you know that children that see images of themselves within the home have greater self-esteem? Children are able to see how important they are to be showcased within the home and therefore these images create confidence and assurance that they are significant.

Joy: Wall art displayed within the home of your family can bring joy to the family especially for mom. Mom's have immense pride and love for their own family and being able to see a portrait displayed in the home can bring joy daily.

Serve a piece of your family's history: What would happen if you lost your phone or your iCloud or your social media accounts were accidentally deleted? Would you have any physical images of your family? It is important to create wall art, physical print products, because they will become so important to future generations of your own family. What will remain after you aren't physically here on earth any longer? How will your family remember you? How will your children share about your family in a tangible way? How will your family share your families legacy? A gorgeous canvas or acrylic piece could become a piece of your family's history for generations.

These are just a few reasons why wall art is so important. I hope that this blog may have made you think of photography displayed and printed as something to embrace and to see it as something that is truly magnificent. In what other way can you freeze the most meaningful moments in your life and preserve them for future generations? I can't think of any other way but in a beautiful portrait.



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