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Every woman deserves a day just for her, a day to feel pampered, amazing, beautiful and confident. It's easy as a woman to forget about yourself and to always put others first.


Our Women's Glamour shoot allows you to rediscover yourself. We'll spend the day capturing multiple sets in a variety ways with multiple wardrobe changes to allow you to feel just like you stepped out of the cover of a magazine. 


Every woman should have portraits that they are proud of that can be passed down to generations as part of their family's legacy. 


Women's Glamour can be captured in-studio, on location or a combination of both. Regardless of the location, you are sure to have the time of your life feeling just like a supermodel!  

Gwenda edit #22.jpg
Kayla - Edit #30 float 2018 Nikki Vaive Photography.jpg
Martha edit #5 b&w.jpg
Morgan edit #8.jpg
Tonya edit #16 2017 Nikki Vaive Photography.jpg
Kelly edit #13.jpg
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