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C L I E N T  R E V I E W S 

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience with Nikki Vaive Photography & are so happy with the images! Nikki did an amazing  job of capturing our daughter's personality & passion. She made us all feel comfortable with the process & wildly exceeded our expectations!

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The whole experience was fantastic! I loved meeting with Nikki first so I knew what to expect and that we could talk about ideas. Nikki was very patient with my one year old and was able to get some great photographs of him.

Nikki's professionalism exceeded my expectations! I was pleased with every step of the process and love my photos!

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I would highly recommend Nikki as a photographer. This was the best experience that I have had doing a photo shoot for my business portrait. Very professional but also lots of fun. Totally put me at ease. 

Nikki did a phenomenal job portraying who I am as a woman & person. When I first saw my images

none of them represented a woman I didn't know. She made

me feel comfortable & welcomed throughout my entire

shoot, took time to pose me & love my body & who I am.

Holly was also exceptional & gave me a look that was not overdone. I thoroughly enjoyed my women's shoot & would highly recommend Nikki & Holly! 

My experience was incredible. Nikki & Holly were professional yet welcoming putting me at ease to have an amazing day & portrait session. I was amazed at how my images turned out & the personal viewing session was a wonderful ending to a fantastic experience.  A women's portrait session with Nikki is something I truly believe all women should experience! You will be stunned at how well she captures you & your personality! 


My overall experience was pretty incredible. I wasn't sure what to expect but Nikki & Holly were both amazing to work with & extremely respectful of my daughter & I. Nikki was great about being prepared & ready.  When I saw my preview video I was in complete shock. I couldn't believe that was me!

I was beyond impressed with her professionalism & would consider doing this again! She helped me to see myself in a totally different light. 

I had a wonderful time & loved feeling

beautiful for a day! Nikki made everything

so comfortable & fun. 

Nikki delivers an experience that floods your senses. In the dark, she wraps & presents such a beautiful gift to you. She captures your child that reflects how every mother sees & feels about their child. It was breathtaking & we were ecstatic with the results. 

Nikki is professional & courteous. Our experience

was wonderful. We were very satisfied.

Exceptional from start to finish - the experience and the outstanding photographic results! Everyone loves my pictures! I am very grateful!

My experience was very fun, easy going, laid back and very relaxed. 

Nikki is an excellent photographer. I was comfortable during our outdoor shoot, and she choose a lovely setting in a beautiful backdrop for my maternity photos. It was a great experience! 

The whole process was a GREAT experience! We could not have asked for a better photographer than Nikki.

Nikki did an excellent job capturing my son's personality in each picture. It was so hard to choose because they were all excellent.

I could not have asked for a better photographer to do my daughter's senior pictures. We were very happy with Nikki's services.

We give Nikki Vaive Photography 5 stars. 

My son's senior pictures turned out amazing! He had a great time taking them! 

You made everything so easy! We felt so spoiled with the experience. We love our daughter's portraits! 

I was very happy with my son's senior portraits.

My son thought Nikki was a very nice

photographer & she made taking his senior portraits easy. Nikki did a great job!

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