Studio Update | Jackson Michigan Photographer | Nikki Vaive Photography

Having a home based studio has its challenges. Do I dream of having an amazing studio outside of my home? You bet! It sure is a dream to one day have a place that is exclusively dedicated to my business.

Until that day arrives, I have decided to make the most of what I do have available and that means creating a wonderful space to meet with clients within my own home.

If the whole COVID lockdowns and restrictions have taught me anything, it is that it's better to be in a space that you can maintain when life might throw a fowl ball your way. Having a home based studio during the past two years literally saved me from going under. I can't imagine if I had leased a space and then had my business totally stop with no income to pay the lease due to the lockdowns in our state. I am so thankful that during that time it was one less thing that I had to stress about.

The way that I run my business is a full service run boutique model. This means that I strive to provide a luxurious experience from start to finish. I limit the number of clients I serve and I do this intentionally in order to ensure that each and every client that works with me receives 100% of my time and attention. The amount of clients I serve is very limited. So as for now, having a space to work with clients within my home is working well.

I was recently closed for the winter and one of the projects during the temporary closure was a studio

space update. I wanted to share some images of the new updated space and the before as well.

Clients start here at their initial design consultation in this room and at this desk.

I design and plan each session with each client to ensure what I capture is exactly what they envision.

The walls are different colored here for a reason. They also act as backdrops for headshot clients.