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Lessons I learned during the quarantine : Jackson, Michigan Photography Studio : Jackson Photography

Whew! It seems like it's been forever since I have taken the time to write a blog! As I was contemplating what to blog about the thought came to mind about what I have personally learned about being in a quarantine with the stay at home order. I hope that you might have learned the same or similar lessons.

Lesson #1:

I think the first thing that I have learned is that health is so very important. Luckily for my family, none of us contracted Covid-19, although we did have a slight scare. My husband works within the medical field. He had a fellow coworker who did test positive and got pretty sick. We weren't for sure if we would all come down with symptoms and fortunately for us we did not.

Lesson #2:

In the scheme of things your family is the all you really need. Of course, you need food, sleep & income to survive but your family is the most meaningful thing in life. They are the one's who love you and who are cheering you on to see you succeed and are there for when life throws you a curveball.

Lesson #3:

Planning for a rainy day was proven to be true. Having to close my studio, I was so happy that I had planned ahead. In the words of Dave Ramsey, everything you have paid off along with the money in your emergency fund will be to your benefit when you cannot work or loose your income! I was so thankful to have been disciplined with the way that I run my studio along with my own personal finances to make it through a lock down.

Lesson #4:

You can make due with very little when you really have to. This was especially true initially when the quarantine began. Because we were told the virus was so contagious, we seldom went out and we made due with whatever we had available. Although this was not the most favorable live able conditions, you can make due and survive when you absolutely have to.

Lesson #5:

You realize the things that you take for granted. The ability to casually shop in a store, go to the movies, attend church, take a spontaneous drive to where ever the road leads you to, being able to attend events and interact with other individuals are just a few things that I have missed and took for granted.

Having now lived through a quarantine I can say that it isn't a life event that I would like to relive again. I am sure you would agree! The one thing that the quarantine provided was the time and lots of it, to reflect, to plan and to dream. And I am hopeful that the reflections, plans and dreams that I've been able to envision for the past few months will propel those ideas to come to fruition! Here's to a brighter future without lock downs and pandemics!



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