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How often should I have my child photographed? : Jackson, Michigan Photography Studio

Our children are our most prized possession. They can drive us utterly crazy at times but we would do anything for our kids! Our kiddos grow up so quickly! You hear from those who are older who tell us how quickly child rearing is and we tend to just brush it off as though it cannot be remotely true and then come to realize just how true it is, kids grow up so fast! With that being said, you might as a parent want to capture these moments of their lives so that you can remember each one. You might ask yourself just how often should I have my child photographed?

The answer to this question is that it varies. It really depends on you and your willingness to take the time to plan portraits and of course, to allow for the expense associated with booking a portrait photographer. Personally, I loved to schedule for portraits at each of my child's birthdays. At each year marker I would have a new portrait captured. I loved being able to see the changes in my child at each year point to compare how much they had grown and changed and to have a physical document of their growth was really important to me. If I were to recommend a portrait schedule for parents I would recommend the following: Newborn portraits, sitter portraits (around 6-9 mos.), One year, Preschool (3-4 years), Entry Elementary (5-6 years), Later Elementary (10-11 years), Middle School (12-14 years), Entry High School (15-16 years) & Senior Portraits.

As your children grow up and are grown, looking back at their portraits will bring back the memories in our lives rearing them up to adulthood. Children who are photographed and that have their portraits displayed within their home are more confident and feel they have importance within their family. Portraits displayed of your children will allow you to view their beautiful faces everyday and will grant you the opportunity to showcase them within your home. Capturing your children is something that is never a waste of time or the investment. Your child's portrait is a keepsake that you will cherish forever!



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