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What type of maternity session do you envision? : Jackson, Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Phot

Thinking about maternity portraits and capturing these moments while you are expecting? Have you given any thought into the style of portraits you would like? What exactly are you envisioning? Do you want to be captured alone? Would you prefer to have your spouse or significant other included in your session? Here are some ideas to consider:

Outdoor setting | An outdoor setting is similar to the image above. You select a location you most love or that depicts the look you would most like for your portraits. Images can be as casual or a more formal if you prefer.

In Studio setting | An in studio setting is captured indoor in a studio setting. Typically in studio sessions are more formal. They are perfect for wearing a long flowing gown and can have a more glamourous look.

Whether you select to be photographed outdoors or in studio. Maternity portraits are something you will always cherish. If you are unsure if you should document these moments while you are expecting I truly believe you won't regret having captured imagry.

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