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What type of newborn portraits are you envisioning? Jackson, Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Ph

You are expecting a baby! It is such an exciting time in an couples life to begin or expand your family! These moments are the moments

you just want to freeze in time and never forget! Newborn Photography is the means to document these moments so you can remember his tiny hands and feet, those cute little lips and allows you the ability to go back to see just how small he once was!

As you consider newborn photography there are a few things to consider in your search and in your over all decision. You should first

determine what type of newborn portraits are you invisioning?

There are a few different types/styles of newborn photography to consider.

Birth Photography Birth Photography is when a photographer photographs your actual birth at the hospital. Birth Photography is documentary in style and captures all the details of your birth as it happens.

Fresh 48 A Fresh 48 is when a photographer comes to the hospital within the first 48 hours of birth and captures images of your newborn in a hospital setting and documents the moments after birth in your hospital room.

Stylized Newborn Session A Stylized Newborn Session is when you have your newborn photographed in a photography studio with cute props and the session is stylized to your tastes and color scheme.

For this type of session you and your newborn are posed to be photographed. (Similar to the images included in the blog) This session can include images just of your newborn and can also include parent/family poses.

Lifestyle Newborn Session A Lifestyle Newborn Session is when a photographer comes to your home and captures your newborn and

your family in the newborn's nursery or areas of your home you would like to utilize. This type of session is typically more informal and the photographer captures the new family in their own element primarily unposed and more natural.

So as you can see there are definetly variations on the types of newborn photography you can choose from. What you might like best depends on the look and the style of the images you would like a photographer to achieve. As far as cost, each of these choices are going to be in the similar range overall in cost for a newborn photography. So with this in mind, make your decision based on what you most think you would love. Also consider how you would like your newborn portaits to look after your shoot as you reflect on this most special time in your life!

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