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What is a premiere ordering appointment? : Jackson, Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographe

What is a premiere ordering appointment? At Nikki Vaive Photography we have an appointment called the premiere ordering appointment. So what is this appointment? This is the most special part of our client experience. It is deemed overwhelmingly by our past clients as one of the highlights of their experience with our studio.

After your session takes place, approximately two weeks after your session you will return to our studio for your premiere ordering appointment. We begin in the premiere room where we view your portrait session to a slideshow to music on a 65" screen as shown above. We call it a premiere because it is kinda like a "movie premiere" where you are the star! It will be the first time you will view your session images in this private viewing. Why don't we just send images to a gallery to select from home? What we have found in over six years of being in business is that our clients really appreciate having a time to come in to view their images in private in our studio, to be afforded the professional guidance and assistance with making image selections and the recommendations on which products would be best for the images they most love! In addition, we have found that our women clients especially appreciate that we never post any images prior to their appointment online on any of our social media outlets so that we can be sure that when we do post images from any session they are images that our clients adore! Lastly, having a scheduled time ensures that your images never just remain on a disc, a drive or one your computer forever! Your appointment ensures that you will be able to enjoy the images from your session right away as we handle every detail!

After you have viewed your session slideshow we then proceed to the ordering room where you view your session in a printed proofs on our reveal wall. You will hand select the images that are your most favorites to create into gorgeous wall art, an album, to fill into a folio box and/or to gift to family members. Throughout your entire appointment we are available to assist and guide you to make the perfect selections based on your decor, tastes and budget.

Once your order is in our studio it is inspected for our studios level of excellence and it is packaged in our signature packaging. A delivery is arranged so you can begin to enjoy the products we created with the images we captured in your session immediately!

So if you ever wondered or even if you didn't even know about our premiere ordering appointment. Now you know one of the ways we are ever striving to exceed our clients expectations.

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