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The value of hiring a pro : Jackson Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photography Studio

Whether you are searching for wedding photographer, a newborn photographer or any photographer in general, if you are currently searching for professional to capture an important moment in your life you might ask yourself is their really value in hiring a pro? Can just anybody capture some images?

At a time when everyone seems to have a "fancy" camera or a nice iPhone, I think just about anyone can "claim" to be a photographer or say they could take some pictures for you. Just because someone may have a nice camera or can operate an iPhone well does not make them a pro. What does a true professional provide you as the consumer & is it truly worth the expense?

Especially for those life changing moments such as getting married or having a baby, you definetly need to be able to trust the person you choose to capture these moments for you. It's important to know that the one you ultimately select will come through with results that have been proven with experience and not just anyone you know with a decent camera or who offers to help you out. It should matter to you because if you hire just anyone or trust just anyone it could leave you with devastating results you might later regret. You never want to look back at images of an important moment with disappointment for selecting just anyone. You want to book and select someone who knows & understands lighting, posing, knows their camera well and can capture this special time in gorgeous images that you will forever cherish.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional & why a professional is worth the expense:

A professional has been trained and knows how to use their equipment

Any true professional you hire will have the necessary equipment to be able to provide you with the quality you should expect, as well as give you confidence in knowing they will come prepared on the day of your session or wedding day. Professional photographers spend countless hours perfecting their craft and acquiring the right equipment to ensure you receive the best results. This not only includes knowing how operate a camera with full knowledge of all settings, having the correct lenses on hand, the ability to use light correctly and to know how to use any additional light sources that might be needed for which ever setting or lighting conditions they might encounter.

A professional has an artistic vision and skill

A true professional will have an eye for photography with the ability to capture images with intention taking into consideration composition, lighting and design. They have knowledge of how to pose you in flattering ways and will guide you to ensure you look your best.

A professional has overall experience

A true professional is experienced to adapt when issues arise, and they know how to make sure there is a sense of direction in the session to ensure your session or event is captured seamlessly. Knowledge of how to handle any situation to ensure the results of your session is excellent and is on par to what they consistently create for each client. Experience to not only capture your portraits but also the skill to carefully edit and enhance those images correctly. The professionalism to ensure your portraits are exactly what you are hoping for.

It can be tempting to select just anyone with a camera or the cheapest person you can find in a google search. I get it! I love a deal as much as the next person. However that may be tempting to you to save a buck, there is so much more involved then just a random choice and the ultimate cost. Selecting the right person, the perfect photographer to capture the most important moments in your life is critical and not something to take lightly. Years from now these important life changing moments will only be remembered in your mind & with a photograph. Will it be a quality photograph that allows all who sees it to experience the moment along with you in a positive way?

It is my sincere hope that this blog helps in showcasing the benefits to booking with a professional and just how valuable it is in the long run when years from now you are looking at portraits from this time that has passed in your life and you can return to that moment by just looking at the amazing images that were created for you by choosing a professional.


The most important moments in your life deserve to be captured by a true and experienced professional you can trust


There are many factors to choosing the best professional photographer but once you have made your decision you can rest assured that a true professional will take good care of you and create images you will always treasure.

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