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How important are maternity portraits? Jackson, Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographer :

Expecting a baby is such an exciting time in one's life! The miracle of a new life growing inside of you! The early months of pregnancy can be overwhelming with feelings of joy and even possibly some uneasiness and uncertainty. Expecting a child can bring a flood of emotions. Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster of feeling amazing one minute to feeling sick the next, to moments of self doubt about becoming a parent soon and to self doubt about your body as it begins to change to allow for this little baby growing and developing inside of you.

During this special time a woman might ask herself how important are maternity portraits? Do I want to document these moments of time in my life? Will I regret not taking the time to have a portrait captured while I am pregnant? What will I see in the portraits that I might not recognize about myself being pregnant? All of these questions are great questions to ask yourself.

During pregnancy you begin the nesting phase, typically as you near the third trimester, as prepare for your baby to arrive. You already have begun to place your focus on your baby taking the prominent role in your life. You might thinking that maybe you should just plan to only have the baby's portraits taken, save the money you would have spent on maternity portraits and apply that towards just newborn photography. You might not be feeling the most attractive being pregnant right now as your body is changing and growing and you are worried that having portraits captured while you are pregnant might just end up being a complete waste of time and money or your worried that you might feel disappointment with your changing looks captured in your portraits. Or you could truly desire to have portraits taken but your spouse or partner fail to see the importance in having them done.

Regardless of whether you are seriously considering maternity portraits or not the following information may help you to make the right decision that is best for you.

For every reason you might use as an excuse to not have maternity portraits taken let me explain some reasons why you should. At some point in the future you will look back and wish you had documented your pregnancy. You will look back and wish you could see the glow of your pregnancy captured in a gorgeous portrait. Years from now, you will be less hard on yourself and begin to see yourself for the beauty you truly are now and have become. I have never had any maternity client who books with our studio ever regret having had their maternity portraits captured nor have I ever heard of any woman who was expecting having felt regret for deciding to capture their maternity portraits. I have had clients tell me that they have regretted not having portraits done. Right now you may be pregnant for the first time and maybe for the last time in your life. In fact, you may only become pregnant just once! One can have plans to have a large family but then they may end up only having a small family for one reason or another. This means that you may only have this one opportunity, right now in your life to capture yourself being pregnant. Your story has meaning and is significant! Your most paramount moments in your life should be told and captured to be enjoyed for generations. Your pregnancy is one of those moments. Your child will one day hold the portrait of you knowing you were carrying them inside of you and be able to see who you were at that moment in time in your life. As a woman it so easy to see every flaw and change and be self critical of ourselves especially during pregnancy. Allow yourself the permission to not be so hard on yourself and to see the beauty of being pregnant. Honestly, expectant moms are truly the most beautiful women that I have captured and have a special glow that just can't be captured at any other time in life. It is one of the reasons I love to capture maternity clients!

Ultimately only you can decide what is best for you and your family and what you are most comfortable with. You sincerely have to value a portrait and the power it holds and truthfully not everyone values portraits in the same manner. Not everyone who might see a printed photograph of themself see it as something to cherish but many do see its value. So whether or not your decision rests in support or against booking a maternity portrait session and whether you value photography or not. Please take serious thought into making your decision because you never want to end up having any regrets for not having maternity portraits captured. Whether for the initial cost or for the worry about not being able to recognize the woman you currently are as you are carrying your baby. The images you will have captured will hold such significance years from now and will allow the ability to tell the story of your family's history.

With each maternity client who books with our studio we strive to provide our mom's to be with the pampering of professional hair and makeup so she feels just stunning, capturing the portrait session efficiently and with ease, guiding and posing her in the most flattering ways ensuring our mom is comfortable during her session whether she chooses an on location setting or the comfort of our studio. We truly aim to provide an experience for our clients that takes care of them in every possible way!

It is my sincere hope that this blog helps you in making the right decision for you in regards to maternity portraits whether for or against. This time in your life is a completely remarkable time! Enjoy and soak in every moment of this wonderful life changing experience!

Hair & makeup by our team stylist, Holly B of Divinity Design Studio

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