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This month marks the sixth year anniversary of Nikki Vaive Photography! This is an exciting time for me and my business as it continues to grow and evolve. I absolutely LOVE my job and celebrating this six year mile marker is huge for me! All month I am wanting share more about me and about the business and today I wanted to share my top favorite things. I hope the blogs for this month of October allow you to get to know me better!

It can be hard to pinpoint all the favorite things a person likes. I like a lot of different things! I am going to attempt to try to write down all the things that

I know I adore on a daily basis. Here it goes....

I love Golden Retrievers! We have a golden retriever named Zeke. He is pictured here. Goldens are such a wonderful breed of dog. I love him a ton! Goldens are just great and so cute! If you book with me though our Zeke stays in one of our bedrooms during your appointment because he is so friendly and pretty hairy plus he would probably clobber all over you! Not everyone is in love with that!

I love Pinterest and pinning ideas. I love getting a visual for decorating ideas and DIY projects on Pinterest and making them my own. I also adore Pinterest for finding new recipes for meal prep, pinning to my business Pinterest boards to help clients get a visual of what we can create together and pinning fashion ideas is so much fun!

I love reading informational and insightful books, learning more about health and wellness and about business is something you find me doing quite often.

I enjoy watching YouTube with my hubby. We have kinda made this a new ritual in our house although he tends to select what we watch the majority of the time! You can learn just about anything on YouTube and you always find something amusing to watch that's for sure! Even Nikki Vaive Photography is on YouTube although it's not something I put much time into. I occasionally post business videos there.

My favorite shopping places are Target, TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Kohls.

I also love to stop at Kirkland's (that place smells amazing) and The Hobby Lobby when we are in a town that has one.