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5 excuses for not booking a portrait session & 5 reasons why you should : Jackson Michigan Photo

You may have just seen your girlfriends post on Facebook from a photo session she had with a photographer recently and think to yourself it would be nice to have some photos like that someday but I never photograph very well. Does this sounds like you? This common misconception leaves many women afraid to be in front of the camera. This is sad because women are the ones who are always taking the photographs of their family yet are seldom photographed themselves. This often leaves no portraits for their children and their families to honor.

Here are some common excuses that women find to put off being in front of the camera:

EXCUSE #1 - I need to lose weight. This is probably the most common reason for not booking a portrait session. If only I could lose those dreaded pounds that have been lingering ever since I had kids.

The right photographer can pose you correctly so that you won't even notice those extra pounds.

EXCUSE #2 - I never seem to like pictures of myself. Chances are the images you don't like of yourself are quick snapshots from individuals who aren't trained in taking photographs.

A great photographer will make you feel at ease and guide you through a portrait session to ensure you love your images.

EXCUSE #3 - I'm not very photogenic. This is such a big fallacy! No one is 100% photogenic. There are many things that contribute to an image that is captured making any individual look "photogenic"

The skill and eye of the photographer, professional hair and makeup, what you wear, posing, lighting and how relaxed you feel during your session all account for how you will look in your portraits.

EXCUSE # 4 - I'm so busy I never have the time. It is true that we are extremely busy in today's world with work, family and responsibilities but we tend to find time for the things that are important to us.

If you feel that capturing a portrait of yourself or of your family is important to you then you will find the time to book a portrait session just like any other thing that place value.

EXCUSE #5 - It's too expensive.

It's true that professional photography is a luxury item and that it does require a level of investment. How large of an investment depends on which photographer you choose based on skill and experience. As with time, if you truly value what a photographer can create for you in a timeless portrait and how that portrait will be treasured by your family, you will find that a portrait session is worth the expense.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't wait to book a session now:

REASON #1 - To finally see yourself and how beautiful you truly are. We

all have our own unique beauty. Sometimes as we look in the mirror, day to day and we are critical of ourselves. We fail to see who we really are. A portrait session allows you to see yourself the way others see you and allows you to see your true beauty.

REASON # 2 - To experience a day just for you and to spoil yourself. How often do you take the time just for yourself? As women we are always putting the needs of others in front of our own. Imagine a day just to celebrate YOU! Celebrate this moment and time in your life! To feel stunning, gorgeous & sexy! To feel like a model even for just one day!

REASON # 3 - You have an excuse to purchase a new wardrobe for your session. Hello...honestly who needs an excuse to shop, right?! Booking a portrait session just for you allows you to have an excuse to pick out some amazing outfits to incorporate into your portrait session.

REASON #4 - You might want to share your experience with someone close to you. Have a best friend who has been an integral part of your life? Your mom or have a sister who you are really close with? Your spouse or partner? Your children? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a day all for you but to include them in part of your portrait session? In a sense to honor their place in your life in your portraits. Adding generational portraits and images with those who are closest to you will be something you will cherish forever!

REASON #5 - To capture an heirloom artwork portrait. This is going to get a little deep but we aren't promised tomorrow. We are not assured what tomorrow brings and today is the only thing that we can hold onto with surety. Will you have anything, meaning a portrait, documenting your life to be passed down throughout your family for generations? A portrait of you will be a cherished document of your life when you are no longer here. A portrait of you will be valued and adored by those you love when it's all they have left to remember you by.

Now that you have gone over the excuses & the reasons for booking your portrait session. Doesn't a dream shoot just for you, to make you feel special and extraordinary, a day to make you feel like a model if for just one day sound fantastic? We can create this experience for you! Book your women's portrait session today! You won't regret it, in fact, you might you might love it so much that it becomes an annual tradition to look forward to!

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