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How to select the right photographer for you | senior edition : Jackson Michigan Senior Photographer

Your senior year is a special time in your life full of change and excitement. You are on your way to transitioning into a young adult, making decisions on which college you will attend and your future goals. Your senior year can be both frightening as you end one chapter of your life and embark on a new chapter but filled with anticipation of the changes and experiences you are about to make

as an individual.

One part of your senior year will be capturing your senior portraits. Why are senior portraits so important? Senior portraits are important because they document this special time in your life and capture who you are at this pivotal time in your history. Senior portraits are the one portrait you will take in your life that you will refer back to throughout your life as you attend high school reunions in the future and when your reflect back on who you were at this time in your life as you embarked in adulthood. Senior portraits are a highlight of your year and something that a majority of seniors dream about and anxiously await to have taken.

So, how do you best select the right photographer for you? Here are some of the things that you should consider when selecting a senior portrait photographer.

#1 PHOTOGRAPHER'S STYLE | In your search for a senior photographer it is a good idea to search different photographer's websites to view their portfolio and see which photographer's style you like best. Style is the look of the photograph whether more traditional or fashion inspired. A photographer who specializes in seniors should be at the top of your list of photographers to consider. A photographer who specializes in seniors will have more experience in photographing seniors and know the latest trends in senior photography. Most photographers who specialize in senior photography will have a love for capturing seniors that will make a senior feel at ease.

#2 READ A PHOTOGRAPHER'S BIO | Learn a bit about who the photographer is and their philosophies on photography.

#3 STUDIO EXPERIENCE | What type of an experience can you

expect if you book with a particular studio. Experience can vary

greatly depending upon how long a photographer has been in business, the way a photographer runs their studio and the reputation of the studio. Do you prefer a do it yourself or all inclusive approach or a full service more custom experience where the studio caters to you and guides you throughout your entire experience?

#4 PRODUCT OFFERINGS | Not every photography studio will offer products. Some may only offer digital files. Some may not even sell digital files at all and are exclusively a product driven studio. Studios that sell products will differ in style and quality. Determine what you are desiring to heirloom your session and if products are important to you or not. For this important moment quality products should matter to you to keepsake your portraits but some may feel they aren't as important to them. This is ultimately a decision that only you can decide. It is a good idea to view products in person prior to booking with a studio therefore you can touch, see and feel a photographer's work and products prior to committing to booking.

#5 AVAILABILITY | Some photography studios books months in advance while some others may not book as quickly. Most likely the most popular studios in town will book more quickly. Take this into consideration when deciding to book with a photography studio and be sure not to wait until the last minute and remember that schools have yearbook deadlines to take into consideration if you would like an image captured during your session to be submitted to the yearbook. Most areas schools deadlines for yearbook submission of image is in Jackson County are in November & December.

#6 WORD OF MOUTH | Ask friends about recommendations. Preferably friends who have worked with a photographer you are considering.

#7 COST | Cost is always something to consider. How much can you spend, how much are you willing to spend, how much does a senior portrait session really cost? This really varies. Many people believe that just because someone claims to be a photographer and has a great camera that all photographers are equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Check credentials and how long a photographer has been in business. Typically a newer photographer will cost less than a photographer with more experience. Is experience important to you? Some consumers in the market for senior portraits only compare photographers based on pricing alone but this is as ridiculous as comparing apples to apples. Apples may look similar in look and size but taste completely different. Some sweet, some sour. Pricing is based on many things including a photographer's actual experience and talent, the type of experience the studio creates for their clients, the products a studio offers and if professional hair and makeup is included in pricing. Inquiring with studio to studio and comparing on pricing alone is a huge mistake and one that you may end up regretting later!

Once you have done some research and you have decided on which photographers are in the running. Arrange to talk to them over the phone. Get more specifics on what to expect when booking with them. A full service studio, like our studio, always meets with a prospective client in person prior to booking any session so that all aspects of what a client can expect is covered in detail and so that a client can view samples of work we have created for past clients. We truly feel this is so important not only for the prospective client but also for

the studio to ensure that we are the correct studio and the right fit for the client.

Finally, trust your intuition. You will know if you feel the photographer is the right choice for you once you have spoken with them on the phone or met them in person. You should feel that you can trust them and feel comfortable with the photographer that you choose.

Senior portraits capture an important time and are a highlight for both the senior and for the their parents. Seniors desire to express who they are at this pivotal time and parents desire to be able to capture their child as they embark into adulthood. We work with both the senior and the parents to create a perfect mix so that everyone has the most exceptional experience!

What ever you decide in regards to senior portraits we hope this blog has been helpful to assist you in making the best choice for your family. Senior portraits are images that are captured to remember this important pivotal moment in your life. Making the decision to have them captured will be a decision you will never regret!

Hair & makeup by our team stylist Holly of Infinite Designs Studio.

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