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Why I love accessories : Jackson Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographer

There is a lot that goes into a successful portrait session. Proper equipment, the right lighting, correct posing, professional hair and makeup, what you ultimately decide to wear and how comfortable you feel in front of the camera can make or break the perfect portrait capture. Miss any of the items listed above and your session might not turn out the way you hoped or imagined. One thing that I feel can also make a huge difference in the look a session is accessories.

Accessories can make a dramatic impact and can make your session just that much better. Accessories can be a the right addition when added to your wardrobe. Accessories to include are earrings, necklaces or a scarf, bracelets, rings, watches even down to an awesome shoe choice. It can also mean incorporating a hat, a flower crown, sunglasses and flowers/bouquets to your session.

Accessories really allow for a distinctive pop in how an overall image is captured. Pulling off the perfect session really is a combination of the all things mentioned above but accessories are like the icing on the cake. Don't be afraid to add some great accessories into your next session. It will make your session that much better. It will make your session simply stunning!

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