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What goes into a NVP experience : Jackson Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographer

Ever wonder how much time goes into each client? When you book with a professional photographer you might be under the assumption that the majority of the work is performed during the actual shoot itself. If you are curious about our experience here is a breakdown of what is involved with each booking with our studio.

Here is the detailed list of what goes into each client who

books with our studio:

Initial inquiry/Phone call | 15 - 20 minutes

Prep of consultation letter & send | 15 minutes Send reminder email/text for consultation | 5 minutes

Pick up consultation snacks & prep | 15 - 30 minutes

Clean up studio ready for client appointment | 30 minutes

Custom Design Consultation | 1 hour - 1.5 hours

Prep & planning for session | 1 hour - 2 hours

(text/contact our stylist for hair & makeup scheduling, posing flow plans, location review for on location sessions/backdrops/prop layout in studio, check weather forecast, send client session flow email & text reminder, prep equipment bag, charge batteries, load car with equipment, get gas in car)

Pick up session snacks & prep for in studio sessions | 15 - 30 minutes

Travel to session location to & from/prep studio for in studio session |

30 minutes

Capture actual portrait session | 1 hour up to 4 hours

(depending on the type of session booked)

Download session images to computer & backup images | 20 minutes

Unload car of equipment/put away equipment/restore studio area for

in studio sessions | 20 minutes - 1 hour

Cull session images & determine session gallery | 25 minutes

Editing session images | 1 hour - 12 hours

(depending on the length & type of session)

Download images for proofs with pro lab | 20 minutes

Create slideshow for Premiere | 25 - 35 minutes

Send reminder email/text for Premiere | 5 minutes

Unpack & prep proof images for reveal | 20 minutes

Pick up baked goods & prep for Premiere Ordering Appointment |

30 minutes

Clean up studio area ready for Premiere | 30 minutes

Premiere Ordering Appointment | 1 hour - 1.5 hours

Prepare mobile album for client for sharing images & email to

client | 45 minutes

Order processing creating & placing client order with pro lab |

1 hour - 12 hours

(dependent on what client orders/albums take longer to create)

Unpack client order for inspection for studios level of excellence | 20 - 30 minutes

Package up client order in our signature studio packaging | 25 - 30 minutes

Inform client of order arrival & schedule delivery or pickup of order | 10 minutes

Delivery or pickup of client order | 15 - 30 minutes

Our studio invests roughly between around 13 hours to up to 30 hours per client. As a full service studio that guides clients throughout their entire

experience we take immense pride in taking care of our clients with an experience they deserve with our attention to detail, our professional expertise and customer service. We only take on a limited number of clients due to the time that is spent with each client to ensure for an experience that is unmatched. Creating an exceptional experience for our clients is our ultimate goal along with capturing images you will forever cherish.

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