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How to select the best photographer for you : Jackson Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photograp

I think for most people today, they see photography as a commodity and base all photography and photographer's based on price alone.

With an influx of hobbyists entering the market daily just about anyone can set up a facebook page and claim to be a "photographer". Some may even believe that there really isn't much but a click of a button and that no skill is involved in the art and that as long as you have a "nice" camera it's a job that just about anyone can do.

Photography really is based on the three "E's". Education, Experience and Equipment. Not every photographer you find in a google search has the same amount of education or skill, in fact, some may have just picked up a camera and thought it might be a great way to earn a few

extra bucks. Believe it or not, photography does require education and most professional photographer's are continually improving their education annually learning the latest new techniques, standards and

trends in the market to continue to evolve their skill and abilities.

Experience ties into two avenues. Experience meaning how long has the photographer actually been photographing and running a business along with the type of experience they offer their clients. Not every photographer you find will have the same amount of years of experience and not every photographer will offer their clients the same overall experience. Some photographer's will offer more of a DIY service allowing the client to finish and print images themselves or some might offer a more hands on approach providing guidance, service and expertise with a full service experience providing clients

professionally created products ensuring quality and craftsmanship to ensure enjoyment of the portraits captured in their photography session and to last to provide heirlooms for years to come.

Equipment meaning obviously a camera but also the right lenses, lighting and editing programs. Equipment can also include various props, backdrops, a wardrobe closet, etc. Contrary to what most might believe, most DSLR cameras look somewhat similar in design and look

so it can be hard to know what type of equipment the photographer you decide to book with uses but most professional photographer's will invest in the best equipment for their said specialties. A hobbyist or entry level photographer will most likely have the bare minimum and the least professional equipment to perform the job and not to any fault of their own but because they are typically just starting out.

If you are in the market for a photographer regardless of what type of

photographer you are in need of, consider this analogy. You can go to McDonald's for a hamburger or you can go to someplace like, say,

Outback. You will receive a hamburger with either establishment but

the quality, the service and the experience will ultimately be different. Only you can decide if price is the major deciding factor in your search or if the other three "E's" are important to you. In your search I would highly recommend to arrange a meeting with the photographer you are considering in person even if you decide not to book with them. This is vitally important for you as the prospective client but also for the photographer as well. It's best to know in the beginning if a photographer is either a good fit for you or not. Meeting in person with a photographer can help to put your concerns at ease ensuring you can book with confidence. It's important to feel comfortable with the photographer you select because ultimately if you don't feel comfortable or trust them, you in turn will not feel comfortable in front of the camera with them and with the overall process.

Although cost is always a factor in any purchase of services or products it shouldn't be the only way you set to determine your decision to book a photographer. You should consider what is included in the photographer's overall costs. One photographer might have a certain rate, another photographer might have a similar rate and it might include less or more than what another photographer offers or includes. You should definitely consider the reputation of the photographer by reading reviews of past clients on their website and by asking friends who may have booked with the photographer in the past. Also does the photographer your considering specialize in what you need photographed or do they just photograph just about everything under sun. Is it important to you to have assistance and guidance throughout your entire experience? Did you feel really comfortable with the photographer by your first impression of them when you met with them? And lastly the three "E's" that were mentioned.

Overall, if you are planning to book with a photographer I hope this helps to clarify things and helps you to make the best decision for you.

Please take to heart that some events that are photographed are a once in a lifetime event such as weddings, births, maternity, newborn & senior sessions. It's important to select a photographer wisely. These are events that are normally life changing and are the moments you want to capture and remember forever. You should never skimp on these events because if you trust just anyone or someone who isn't very experienced you may end up regretting that decision later on. If you base booking a photographer solely on costs alone you may end up regretting that decision later on because as the saying goes, you always end up getting what you paid for and at the end of the day you are the one who will reap the results of your decision. True professional photography is a luxury that is worth the cost to capture the most important moments in your life, the moments to treasure!

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