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Why your wardrobe matters : Jackson Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographer

It's typically not everyday that you book a portrait session. The thought of being in front of the camera can bring a bout of anxiety for most people. We definitely understand and strive to help our clients make the best choices and provide guidance so that a clients session is an enjoyable, fun and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

The number one question asked during a custom design consultation is what should I wear or what should we wear?

The first thing we always want a client to know is that as you are investing in a portrait session along with custom portraiture so you should take your wardrobe very seriously! The images that we capture will have a lasting impact well beyond today. Future generations will look back at these portraits so make your wardrobe choices wisely.

Booking a portrait session is the perfect excuse to go shopping! Woo hoo! Although you may be able to put together a wardrobe out of your closet, for the average person their closet may not be the best place to begin. You certainly don't want to show up to your session with clothing that looks worn, wrinkled or tired. You want whatever you select to wear to be in perfect condition, looking fresh and polished and that fits you just right so you create a well put together look. Never wear clothing that is too tight or too loose because neither will appear to be very flattering in front of lens. Clothing should be chosen in solid colors as prints, stripes and designs distract from the one being photographed and can clash with others in your portrait. We also recommend staying away from clothing fads and to stay a bit more traditional so your wardrobe will have a timeless look. If a family or more than one individual is being photographed the clothing should match and be in line with those in the session. For example, for a maternity session the expectant mom is wearing a gorgeous flowing gown that is more formal in style. The expectant dad should not dress in a t-shirt and cargo shorts to accompany her in the session. I liken this to black tie vs Walmart attire in a portrait, just not right and consistent. The dad should dress equally formal otherwise the portrait will look off and not flow correctly. It will look wrong, like two puzzle pieces that doesn't perfectly fit together.

And you shouldn't forget about accessories! Everything down to your shoes should flow together nicely to create that consistent look. Clients can text the studio if they are unsure about how an item might photograph and ask for suggestions as they are out shopping. We even offer a shopping service (for a fee) where we accompany you to pick out the perfect wardrobe.

In conclusion, what you select to wear should make you feel confident. You should feel comfortable in what you select. Nothing you choose should make

your feel self conscious or insecure in front of the camera. We always recommend clients to perform a dry run of their wardrobe at least a week

prior to their session date to try on what they are planning to wear to ensure that everything looks the way they envisioned it to look. No one wants to be rushing around looking for the perfect item to wear the day of the session because something doesn't fit or look right nor do you want to come to your session and wish you would have made a different choice on what to wear because then it's too late. Session wardrobe shouldn't be something to stress about. It is something that should be exciting to plan! Your wardrobe matters because it is an essential piece in pulling off the perfect portrait session. Although your wardrobe isn't the only factor that makes or breaks a session it is certainly a key component that should be taken seriously. Selecting the perfect wardrobe is something to look forward to as you prepare for your session. Understanding it's importance will help to ensure that your session will be a great success!

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