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What is a mounted portrait? : Jackson Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographer

What is a mounted portrait? A mounted portrait is simply a portrait that is mounted with a styrene backing. Styrene is a backing material

that is 2mm thick, it is smooth and durable that feels like plastic, typically in a black backing color and is guaranteed to not warp over time.

Because we are always searching for the best product options available on the market for our clients, a styrene mounted portrait makes complete sense to include them in our signature product line as we strive to find the finest quality craftsmanship to ensure years of enjoyment for our clients.

We provide our clients with a mounted portrait option automatically upon purchase because we believe they are of superior quality for our clients unless a client requests a standard traditional print. What clients say that they most love about our mounted portraits are how sturdy and solid they are. Mounted portraits can be quickly framed in your most favorite frame choice whether wall sized or table top sized, they can even be displayed on an easel nicely. Let us create some amazing mounted portraits for you!

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