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Product Feature | The Window Folio Box : Jackson Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographer

The new window folio box is brand new for our studio for 2018! This folio box is simply gorgeous! An 11x14 sized folio box with window lid cover. The lid opens from the inside with the ability to change out the image if desired quickly & easily.

The folio box holds up to (30) 8x10 matted images from a women's portrait session. The folio box is offered in a minimum purchase of (5) matted images. Also available to purchase in quantities of (10), (20) & (30) The box comes in black color only. All images are lustre coated to protect against UV and

fingerprints so your portraits look beautiful for a lifetime. Matting

comes with a

non slip

technology to

ensure that

the portraits

are secure

and won't slip

inside of the


The window

folio box is the

perfect way

to heirloom any portrait session! A folio box is a keepsake that will become a valued treasure!

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