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Why you should experience a dream shoot | Women's Portrait Photographer : Jackson Michigan Women

As a woman, it is so easy to put ourselves last.

As a wife, a mom & having a career proves that it is easy to be exhausted at the end of the day & that hiding in the bathroom for a few moments of solace might mean the only moments of serenity we enjoy alone during the day.

As women we

so easily put ourselves last. We make excuses to put ourselves first. We even tend to feel guilty for even considering to take time for ourselves thinking that maybe that time could be spent doing something for the one's we love. Women are naturally a giving species! There is nothing wrong with giving all of ourselves for the one's we love but there is also nothing wrong with taking a few moments for just for us, too. You shouldn't feel guilty about taking some time to celebrate you!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to dedicate a day just for you, to not feel guilty about it, in fact, to feel fabulous, to rediscover yourself as woman, feel confident & amazing about yourself? To realize just how beautiful you truly are & how others who love you see you? Wouldn't it be amazing to have a professional hair & makeup session to be pampered & to experience a dream shoot capturing magazine styled portraits, the most gorgeous images you have ever seen of yourself? Forget about the excuses, I need to lose weight, I am not very photogenic, how will find time when I am already so busy? Let our studio take care of all of the details including guiding your wardrobe, how to pose & light you to make you look your best no matter what your body type or how non-photogenic you may feel that you are.

You are worth taking a special day just for you!

"A women's contemporary portrait session is something I truly believe that all women should experience! I was amazed at how my images turned out!" - client Jessica

It has been so fun & wonderful to witness a woman just light up & shine in front of my lens! We tend to forget who we are individually. We take on the titles of the many roles we have in life that we lose our identity of simply being a woman. A women's portrait session will allow you feel like a woman, the woman that may have gotten lost along the way, it will allow you to feel beautiful & allow you to exist in portraits to create a legacy so that you have heirlooms to pass down to the one's you love. A women's portrait session is an experience you will never forget! Let's book your session today!

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