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Why would I want to view my images in an in person reveal? : Jackson, Michigan Photography Studio

For some, the thought of another appointment can be daunting which might make you come to the conclusion that meeting for an in person reveal after your session has been captured is a complete waste of time. How could another meeting benefit you, the client? First, an in person reveal allows for you the client a private viewing where you are able to view your session gallery prior to anyone else seeing them. For some, when an online gallery is presented, others within your family or friends are able to view images. By viewing in person, you are able to maintain privacy so that only the images that you most love can be viewed by others. It also allows you to see your session images in the manner in which they were captured maintaining coloring and clarity as they were edited by the studio. Most times your device or your computer may display images in a manner not true to the original edit by the coloring being off and not being calibrated to the studio's equipment or by making images appear blurry or soft.

With our studio, when you book our Custom Session Experience it includes a complimentary in person reveal where you are able to come into the studio to view your session gallery by a slideshow video to music as seen above and then also a printed reveal via our reveal wall shown below

As past clients have expressed to us repeatedly, the in person reveal has been the highlight of their client experience with our studio! It is where everything comes together and you, as a client, are able to see how your session turned out. By viewing your session by video it allows you to view your session story in a movie format and by viewing your session in print via the reveal wall it allows you the ability to compare each image to make the best selections for you. By having an in person reveal you are able to have the expertise of our studio available to you to help you. We can answer any questions you might have and offer our years of knowledge to assist you in making the best portrait decisions. And with the ability to touch, see and feel everything in our studio product line you are able to purchase with confidence. We feel our in person reveal is a major benefit for our clients and allows our clients with the assistance and aid to ensure that the images captured in your session are enjoyed as quickly as possible to ensure many years of enjoyment!



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