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Why is a folio box a great product choice : Jackson, Michigan Photographer

Our studio strives to not only create an experience for clients that they won't forget but to also provide the best in quality products that will last a lifetime for our clients. One particular product in our product line is the folio box. Sold in our collections or ala carte, the folio box is wonderful way to heirloom a portrait session & makes a great product choice!

The folio fox comes in solid wood or window view as shown above.

In a white window box.

A black window box.

And in metallic.

With options of white, cream and black ultimate matting that locks tight images so they won't slip or move within the matting. Images are secure and look amazing displayed!

In options of 10, 20 and 30 images boxes, you are sure to get the perfect image amount in your box that you absolutely love! The folio box offers the ability to keepsake your images in a safe place but with the flexibility to gift some images to family & friends or to display within your home if you prefer. Can we create a folio box for you?



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