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What a photograph means to me | Jackson, Michigan Photographer | Michigan Photography

If there is one thing that Covid has made us discover is just how much those around us truly matter! Living this past year has been tough. Many lives were lost and many people became sick in 2020. It is at times such as these that you come to realize the significance of something as simple as a photograph. For some sadly, a photograph is all that remains. Losing someone you love in your life is difficult and painful. One of the reasons I take my job so seriously is that I understand how important a photograph is and what a photograph can become especially when that is all you have left to remember.

A photograph to me is more than just the piece of paper it is printed on. A photograph to me means the existance of one's self, it is snatching a moment in time to remember forever, it is a documenting life and the proof of living. A photograph can also mean the feeling of impowerment and confidence that is created in a portrait session. The memories that will be remembered upon looking at the photograph. A photograph can allow you to relive a moment in time and can allow you to escape reality for a moment.

I am a photgrapher because I believe that I am entrusted to create images of my clients that will allow for all the things I've mentioned and more. A photograph can make you rediscover yourself and find self worth. It allows others to discover who you are.

In conclusion, a photograph is vitally important. In this day and age of digital it can be easy to keep images in a cloud or kept on your phone but the best way to enjoy a photograph is when it is printed to enjoy today and always.



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