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Quit second guessing are meant for more : Jackson, Michigan Photographer

Hey I'm talking to you. It so easy to in our society today to be so hard on ourselves. I'm here to say quit being so hard on yourself & stop second guessing yourself. Don't give into societies pressures of what is perfect & worthy.

No matter what it is that you have in your mind to achieve you can achieve it. It's when you start to question yourself that, that doubt creeps in. Did you know that the success you achieve or therefore don't achieve in life doesn't matter on what type of upbringing you had growing up or how popular you were in high school. Thankfully for many this might be reassuring, I know it was for me. I didn't have the most fabulous childhood & growing up had it's struggles and difficulties. Some can say that the hard things you go through in your life make you more determined & resolved to accomplish things in life. Self made millionaires can serve as inspiration for us all & should make us acknowledge that you can achieve greatness & wealth. For those who are willing to work hard & who don't lose the vision of their goals & the things they want to achieve in life anything is possible.

Somedays I can find myself second guessing myself but I tell myself to cut it were meant for more! If feel this is true for all of us, especially for us as women! Don't give up on yourself! Never lose the light of what you want to accomplish. We are all here for a reason & if we give up we will never reach the fruition of what we were put here to finish. So stop second guessing are truly meant for more!



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