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Product feature | Custom Framing : Jackson, Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographer : Cust

Custom Framed Wall Art is a custom product that we offer our clients. All of our Custom Framed Wall Art comes in array of sizes.

We have the perfect size for your space in your home! With an assortment of frame choices and the option of matting or without.

Our Custom Framed Wall Art is priced by size only. This means that you can select from any frame choice within our studio collection and include matting with one price point and pay nothing additional. We love to offer our clients exactly what they want without having to worry about sneaky additional add on fees upon payment of their order. With our structured pricing our clients have the luxury of making decisions that are assured of years of happiness, enjoyed within their home for generations.

Choose your framing, the size & if you would like to include matting. Our studio can create something amazing you will love! And best of all, you will be able to see the ones you love displayed within your home each day!



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