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The value of a portrait : Jackson, Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographer : Jackson, Mich

So here's one for you! The other day I was at a networking event. This event is called Speed Networking. It is kinda of like speed dating only instead of dating you are placed at table with three other people where each person must introduce themselves & then give their elevator speech along with 1.5 minutes of any questions one might have. During this networking event I had a younger gentleman at the table ask me "Do people even print photos anymore?" My response was of course they do! Clients that work with my studio are ensured that they will walk away with something tangible from the session that I have created for them. It is the most important thing to me! Maybe you may have thought the same thing? Is printing photographs a dead concept? Nothing could be further from the truth!

Most people really enjoy holding portrait in their hand! In fact, when a client comes in for an ordering appointment after their session takes place & are able to hold their proofs in their hands & compare their images they think it's the most awesome thing!

So what is a value of a portrait? A portrait's, a photograph's, value increases as time goes on. A portrait of your mother or of your child will one day become the most precious thing in the world to you. So in essense a portrait's value is ever increasing. It's the first thing you would want to save if your house would happen to catch fire or if something happened to someone you dearly loved. And a portrait displayed in your home expresses to those in the portrait just how much you really love & adore them. It also has been proven that it is good for the self esteem of a child to see his family or a portrait of him/herself showcased in his/her home each day as a daily reminder of their importance within their family.

Lastly, a photograph, whether in a portrait form or in a book or album, is proof of ones existance. A photograph provides history. It tracks and documents life. A portrait is valuable because it represents the person in the image for the one's who love that person. It truly is the most wonderful gift!

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