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When was the last time you had a family portrait captured? : Jackson, Michigan Photographer : Mid Mi

When was the last time you had a family portrait captured? I know it can be a totally dreaded thought of coming together as a family to capture a family portrait! I mean getting your kids to cooperate and getting Dad on board can seem more trouble than it's worth. I get it! I feel the same way about the thought of getting my family together but you know what? Once I do and I see our family portrait displayed in my home it makes me SO happy! Our family is our most prized possession! It's our tribe, our people and our pride and joy! Your family should be proudly displayed with honor in your home!

So let me ask you. Do you have a family portrait on display in your home? Was the last time you had a family portrait captured when your kids were really little? Maybe you have never had a family portrait taken.

We can create a fun experience for your family! We can assist you in planning the perfect session, provide professional hair and makeup for mom and make the session an experience to remember! After your session we can create a gorgeous quality wall art piece that is professionally created to last a lifetime to display in the perfect spot in your home for you to enjoy everyday! Let's book your session today!

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