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2019 Favorites: Jackson, Michigan Photographer ; Michigan Photographer;

Another year has past & another favorite image blog is in order! I started a favorites blog in 2019 & it will now be an on going tradition. It is so fun to go through the past year's client images and remember these special moments!

Although it can be hard to pick favorites there always seems to be a few images in each session I capture that really stand out to me that I just adore! So let's look back at the past year to remember some these stellar images!

I love the backlight with the golden hour sun in this image of Cassidy!

This was the first session I have ever captured in a sunflower patch & I loved photographing with this sunny backdrop!

I love this & this natural wooded backdrop!

This image is just simply stunning of Michelle! It's amazing!

Love the smile & all genuine expression! Perfect! I always am excited to capture an image at this location!

I love this stone backdrop! First time I have used this wall & plan to use it again! And Cassidy is just so gorgeous!

Gah! Simply beautiful & striking! And those eyes! Wow!

Casual & laid back! Just Awesome! Tweens are important to capture too!

I know this isn't a portrait image but it was one of my favorite product captures of 2019! Our metallic signature folio box. I have been practicing capturing product images from our product line for fun and for posting on social media. This image made me feel like I was making some progress!

So, there you have it. My 2019 photographers favorites! I hope you enjoyed

this look back at a few of the past year favs! I could have selected more but

didn't want to overwhelm the blog post with too many. I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I do!

I'd love to feature your image in the 2020 favorites blog and have you become a part of the NVP family of clients!

Hair & Makeup for our female clients by our team stylist Holly B at Divinity Design Studio



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