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Are newborn portraits really important? : Jackson Michigan Newborn Photographer : Mid Michigan Photo

Did you just learn that you are pregnant or maybe you are getting close to your baby arriving and wondering are newborn portraits really important? Should I book a session with a professional photographer or should I try and attempt to capture images of my baby myself? These are great questions to contemplate.

Having experienced being pregnant myself twice I know that a million things are going through your mind while you are pregnant. Is my baby growing normally? What will my delivery be like? Why am I craving pickles that are dipped in chocolate? Amongst many other thoughts that keep your mind continually thinking throughout your entire pregnancy. There is one thing that most think about during pregnancy as well and that is do I want to document my newborn baby's first days after birth and is this something I could do myself?

First off, let me start by saying that whether or not you hire a professional photographer to capture your precious new baby, naturally photography is a great way to document these first days of life. Your new baby will only be really tiny for a very small window of time and will quickly change and grow with each passing day.

If you are unsure if hiring a professional is for you. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional photographer for your newborn portraits.

#5 - You will be really tired during those first days after delivering your baby. Scheduling a newborn session will allow for the photographer to handle all the details so you that you don't let your tiredness become an excuse for missing out on capturing these important moments of your baby's first days.

#4 - Although there will be an expense to hiring a professional you will never regret having booked a newborn photographer for newborn portraits in the long run. The expense will have been well worth it looking back.

#3 - A professional photographer is trained in photography with the knowledge of proper lighting, correct posing, and will most likely provide all those cute props you've seen on Pinterest that can be incorporated into your newborn's session that most likely will be included in your session pricing.

#2 - Although you may feel like not leaving the house and going to a photography studio it really is good for you to get out of the house and get some fresh air and feel a bit normal outside of just delivering a baby and meeting your new baby's needs. In addition, some photographers can even come to your own home and capture images in the comfort of your home.

#1 - Years from now when your baby is grown you will have beautiful portraits documenting the start of their life that will be cherished for future generations!

So in conclusion, are newborn portraits important? Yes, of course they are. There are a few options for documenting these first days. You could decide on birth photography where the birth is captured at the hospital which includes capturing the actual delivery, a fresh 48 which is within the first 48 hours after birth in the hospital, a lifestyle newborn session where a photographer comes into your home for some un posed/natural styled images or a studio capture which are stylized newborn sessions similar to what you may have seen on Pinterest which are performed within the first two weeks of your baby's life.

This is such a special moment in your life, in your families history that should be documented and treated with the same respect as your wedding or any other life changing event. Can I just do it myself? Of course! There is no one that can tell you that you can't attempt to photograph your baby yourself but if you decide to do it yourself they will most likely will not look like a portrait from a professional. This is something you will have to be okay with. If so, then go for it! Just be aware that if you decide to DIY on your own if you aren't happy with results you might not be able to book with a professional in time to capture your baby's first days as most newborn photographer's book months in advance of a baby being due.

For most new parents, even though newborn photography and hiring a professional is not an inexpensive venture, families that accept the expense do not regret having taken the time and the cost associated with capturing images that are truly works of art of their precious new baby.

Ultimately the decision you make to even capture your baby and to hire a professional or not will be a decision that you will have live with. During your pregnancy ask yourself and your spouse or partner just how important documenting these moments are to you? My hope is that this blog helps you to make the decision that is ultimately right and the best decision for you.

Hair & makeup for our mom pictured above by our team stylist Holly of Divinity Design Studio.

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