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What makes senior portraits important? : Senior Portrait Photographer : Jackson Senior Portrait Mich

In today's environment of instant gratification and selfies being posted on the daily what make senior portraits important? I mean what can a professional do that you can't capture yourself on your iPhone or by a

friend of a friend with a camera?

I am going to list 5 important reasons on what makes senior portraits important and why you should want to have your senior portraits captured by a professional and why they are truly important:

#5 - Senior portraits are more than just portraits, today they are an experience. Seniors who book with our studio are treated to a celebrity experience where we create imagery that looks like you just stepped out of a magazine.

#4 - Senior portraits allow you as a senior to capture your personality and what makes you unique at this special time in your life as you transition into adulthood.

#3 - Senior portraits allow you to see yourself in a positive way, boost self confidence and self worth.

#2 - Senior portraits allow your parents the ability to share in your experience and to have an image captured of you that they will cherish of this special life changing milestone. Your senior wall portrait will represent you in your home long after you have left for college.

#1 - Senior portraits are the one portrait you will capture that will stay with you for the rest of your life in the form of your yearbook picture, it will be the image presented at future class reunions and it's the image that will represent you as you embarked into becoming an adult.

Hopefully these reasons have helped you to see just how important senior portraits are. For most seniors, senior portraits are something most anticipate as part of their senior year. Senior portraits allow you to document this moment in your life so that you will always remember this special time.

As you make your decisions in regards to your senior portraits you should know that not every studio nor just anyone with a camera will capture to the same standard. Each photographer has their own style and look that allows them to stand out, some may have more experience than others and some might use better equipment. It's really unfair to try and put each photographer in the same category. Some photographer's you might be considering might be brand new and just learning and some may be more skilled. We encourage you to research each photographer you are considering by viewing their website and by also meeting with them in person to view their work in print and ask them how long they have been in business. This is so important so that you can book with confidence and know that the end result of your session, your portraits, will look just as amazing printed as they do online and that you are booking with a true professional. Also, as you determine the cost of senior portraits you should know that not every photographer's pricing is equal. You should always ask and be sure of what is included in the session pricing along with details about their studio process. Some photography studios will provide you with a more custom experience handing all issues from session planning to providing quality heirloom products after your session takes place while other photography studios may only provide the option to purchase only digital files where you are left to print the images yourself leaving you to figure everything out on your own.

Whatever you decide in regards to senior portraits you definitely should plan to make senior portraits a part of your overall senior year experience. You will only be a high school senior once and capturing this moment is really worth the time and the expense. It will be an exciting and awesome way to document this time in your life!

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