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Tangible products are making a comeback : Jackson Michigan Photographer : Mid Michigan Photographer

With the emergence of digital photography over the past decade quality tangible products created through a portrait studio took a back seat. With most professional photographer's now offering digital files and some including digital files in session fees and retainers. A client had the ability to create products themselves through the commercial marketplace. While some might feel this is a simple process and a great benefit for the client a tide is turning

and we are finding this to be not so true.

As we have become a society obsessed with sharing images we have sadly become less obsessed with preserving those images. In fact research performed by the PPA/The Professional Photographer's of America deems that we might be endangering our entire visual history because ultimately digitals will fail. With technology always evolving the digital file of today might not be retrievable tomorrow. This in itself is justification for the creation of a tangible product.

Studies have shown that an overwhelming majority of those who receive digital files from a photographer do nothing with them aside from maybe sharing them online. They are left in a drawer to collect dust. And the small majority who do attempt to print digital images are confused about the sizing and what to order in the first place. This along with the great probability of a commercial lab printing images poorly with cheaper materials that are not intended to last or to be archival in quality results in photography clients who have become frustrated and confused in trying to create images on their own.

A tide is turning and tangible products are beginning to make a comeback. With more photographer's beginning to offer clients a complete service from start to finish, clients are also beginning to reap the benefits of quality craftsmanship in their homes. Psychological studies have proven that children who see their portrait hanging on the wall in their home helps them to feel important in their family. They also feel more connected and it increases their self esteem. That alone is a great reason to ensure you are receiving a tangible product from any portrait session that you have captured.

As more photographer's begin to offer tangible products to their clients again, clients in turn can be assured that the portraits that are captured will become heirlooms within their family for generations. What better way to share your families history than with a tangible product? Whether that is a gorgeous wall art piece, an album or even a heirloom box like a folio box. When you purchase products from a professional photographer who creates those products with professional labs, you can trust that the quality and craftsmanship will last a lifetime. Although digital files are a great way to share the images you love with your family and friends through social media the tangible products you see displayed in your home will bring happiness and joy well beyond the next technological advance. You can even feel pride yourself as you look at images of the one's you love each day reminding you of how important they are to you in your life. A tangible product that you purchase is an investment in your families history, an investment that is well worth the cost as your family will cherish it for future generations.

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