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What is a custom design consultation and why is it so important? : Jackson Michigan Photographer : M

Whether you are a new client to our studio or a return client, your custom design consultation is important. A custom design consultation is an opportunity to meet and get to know each other or simply catch up on what has happened in your life since your last session with us. We love to get to know our clients, to learn about them as well as their wants and needs in regards to booking a portrait session with our studio. As our clients change in life, our studio has periods of change too, so it is vital that everyone is caught up to date and understands all aspects of our experience together.

We believe in transparency with everything that is involved with our studio so that our clients can know exactly what to expect with each step of our

studio experience. The custom design consultation allows us to offer all the necessary and needed information for the client so our clients are never left wondering about any detail.

Our custom design consultation is scheduled about two weeks to two months in advance for women's portrait, senior and first year clients and anywhere between three to four months in advance for our maternity and newborn clients. At the custom design consultation we will discuss all the details in regards to planning your portrait session, we will review products in our signature product line for you to touch, see and feel, we will go over in detail our entire process from start to finish so you never are left guessing what comes next.

Finally, at your custom design consultation we will schedule and actually book your session to secure your special date.

We feel that the custom design consultation is so important because it allows us to be confident that we are the right fit for you and likewise you

are the right fit for our studio. Our consultations are a complimentary appointment and a prospective client is never obligated to book with our studio just by simply attending a custom design consultation. Although it is a seldom occurrence, we have had a few prospective clients come in who decided that we were not what they were looking for. Our philosophy regarding this is that it is best for this to happen in the beginning stages of the experience vs towards the end of the experience. It ends up being best for everyone in the end. Overall, the custom design consultation is a benefit to both the client and the studio. A client can leave their custom design consultation feeling confident that they are in good hands, that they have made the right choice and that we will take care of every detail to ensure that they receive the most exceptional experience that sets our studio apart from our competition. We truly aim to create the most amazing experience for our clients from start to finish! It is our pleasure to serve and become your photography studio!

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