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Why hiring a professional photographer is important for capturing your life changing moments : Jacks

They happen once. Your wedding, the birth of your child, your child graduating from high school. You could possibly remarry, it's true & you could give birth to another child but you only have one chance to capture these events as they happen in your life. These life changing moments can't be relived.

A family portrait is a wonderful piece documenting your family's history but you can easily "redo" a family portrait if you decide you don't love how it was captured. You can retake a family portrait again because a family portrait is not an event that happens only once. With any life changing moments you can't have a "redo" because once they happen the moment is ultimately over. You have one chance to get it right & there is only one chance to capture that moment. You need to be sure to select the right professional who has proven results that you can trust.

For moments like these it isn't the time to gamble & trust Aunt Sue or Uncle Bob or your friend of a friend who just happens to have a really nice camera & takes pretty good pictures. These important memories deserve a trained professional because if you trust just anyone & they botch your portraits & they end up doing the job poorly, you will end up truly regretting it.

Most people are under the misconception that all it takes is just having a nice camera to take great images but nothing could be further from the truth. It's like saying because you own a nice tool set you're qualified in the construction trade or because you have a pair of nice sharp scissors you are now a hair stylist. A professional photographer is one that has been educated in the craft. Most professionals continually train consistently learning the latest trends & techniques in the industry.

For moments like these you might think that saving some money sounds like a great idea & that selecting the cheapest photographer you find will be good enough. This is also a huge mistake. Typically the photographers who are the most skilled & trained are the most expensive. You will find that the professional photgraphers who charge the least & have the cheapest rates are usually the least trained & who are the newest to the industry. They might be building their portfolio & just starting their business or they just do photography as a hobby & it's not their main source of income therefore their pricing reflects this.

If your budget is so tight that you can only afford the cheapest photographer around this can be slightly better than having

Aunt Sue capture your tiny newborn. You should select the best photographer that you can possibly afford considering the photographer's style that you love the most. In conclusion, don't make the mistake of trusting just anyone to capture the most important life changing moments in your life. These portraits will last well beyond your wedding, the birth of your child & your child's graduation so you want to ensure that they will turn out beautifully so you can enjoy them forever! These portraits will document these moments in your history & deserve to captured perfectly not only for you but also for future generations.

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